Lifespan Technology Recycling Recognized by EPA and CDPHE for Environmental Excellence


Adding Peace of Mind to Asset Retirement

National Environmental Performance TrackOctober 21, 2008 – Wellesley, Massachusetts – Lifespan Technology Recycling today announced that it has been recognized by the EPA’s National Environmental Performance Track program (“Performance Track”). Performance Track recognizes facilities that have a strong record of environmental compliance, set three-year goals for continuous improvements in environmental performance beyond their legal requirements, have internal systems in place to manage their environmental impacts, engage in community outreach, and consistently report results.

Lifespan also received the Gold Leadership Award from the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment – becoming the first recycler in the state to achieve this prestigious designation. The Environmental Leadership Program (“ELP”) offers benefits and incentives to members that voluntarily go beyond compliance with state and federal regulations and are committed to continual environmental improvement. Criteria for the award include the following:

  • The recipient must have in place a fully operational, facility-specific Environmental Management System (EMS) with goals.
  • The Company must meet the beyond-compliance requirements for the Gold tier
  • The recipient must have no serious civil violations for the past three years or criminal violations for the past five years.

“Lifespan is no stranger to green business practices,” said Mary Byrne, the EPA’s Environmental Business Liaison. “A big part of the company’s business is finding recycling and reuse options for end-of-life electronics and IT equipment. The company’s participation in the Performance Track program ups the ante with a comprehensive commitment to minimizing resource use and protecting the environment in all aspects of Lifespan’s operations.”

Lifespan President Dag Adamson stated, “We are honored to have been recognized by both the EPA and the CDPHE. Lifespan is committed to the highest standards of environmental stewardship in its handling of our customers’ end of life IT assets.”

For more information about the Performance Track and Environmental Leadership programs, please click on the following links:

Performance Track:


About Lifespan Technology Recycling:

Lifespan Technology Recycling is a managed services company that provides electronic asset retirement and data destruction services to corporations, municipalities, and not-for profit organizations nationwide. Lifespan offers companies and organizations the flexibility of handling large quantities of equipment with a customized program. We also manage a full range of end-of- life information security issues for our clients. Lifespan works exclusively with EPA-registered and regulation-compliant partners to maintain the highest standards of environmental protection and ethical business practices.


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